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San Francisco to pay illegal immigrant $190K over sanctuary law violation - Carlos Hernandez : Are we insane? We are
7 of 9 Massachusetts Congressmen including Seth Moulton voted against "Kate's Law" & Defund Sanctuary Cities Bill - Hernandez supports
Carlos A. Hernandez supports Kate's Law, Kate's Law would give Families of Victims the power to sue Sanctuary city &
Carlos A. Hernandez Supports H.R. 1259: VA Accountability First Act of 2017 100% , Which Pres Trump signed into law today
Carlos Armando Hernandez attends Massachusetts Safe Communities Act & testifies against a law that will endanger Citizens & legal Immigrants.
Hernandez believes President Trump did the right thing in withdrawing our nation from an unconstitutional "Treaty"agreement that Obama signed without
Carlos Armando Hernandez (R-MA) Running For Congress Massachusetts 6th District Carlos Armando Hernandez Running For Congress 6th District U.S. Navy
Carlos Armando Hernandez Fights for Secure Communities In Massachusetts Apr 2011 Carlos Armando Hernandez: Enforce the laws on the book