Immediately after Carlos Hernandez is sworn into Congress for the MA Congressional 6th District, he plans to file a lawsuit against Massachusetts and its elected officials over H4834, which disenfranchises present voters by automatically registering everyone to vote, Including Non-citizens.

Carlos A Hernandez write in Rep In Congress

On August 9, 2018 Governor Baker signed H4834 into law, which violates both the Massachusetts Constitution and our U.S. constitution.   Massachusetts General Laws; Part I; Title I; Chapter 1; Section 1: Citizens of commonwealth defined, States the following:

“Section 1. All persons who are citizens of the United States and who are domiciled in this commonwealth are citizens thereof.”

Automatic Voter Registration does not prevent voter registration fraud but rather encourages it, since aliens illegally domiciled in the Commonwealth will be registered to vote and local officials will likely not perform the due diligence required to insure that ineligible applicants are denied or fined for voter Fraud!

Why bother becoming a citizen when illegals & noncitizens have the same rights as a U.S. Citizen.

U.S. AG Jeff Session came to Boston last July 25th and announced that “With an estimated 180,000 illegal aliens, the Greater Boston area is one of the top 12 metro areas in America in terms of illegal alien population.  That means that there are about as many illegal aliens in the Boston area as the total population of Worcester, which is Massachusetts’ second biggest city.” Further he stated, “…The investigation also revealed that many of the defendants have driver’s licenses and four are illegal aliens registered to vote.”

This Unconstitutional Law marginalizes or erases not only MA Citizen’s votes but those votes of all legitimate voters across America who have the real possibility of MA Federal office holders as well as the President of the United States chosen and voting in Washington on the basis of fraudulent votes.

Carlos Hernandez became a citizen in 1990 so he could vote and now Massachusetts is nullifying his vote by, wink…wink, having Illegals and noncitizens voting.

Signing an affidavit under the penalty of perjury that you are a citizen means nothing when you have already broken our Laws and continue to do so.

I’m a Reagan Republican Navy Veteran running as a write-in for the Congressional 6th District.

Remember, “The Party will betray you but your conscience won’t.”

Please Write-in “Carlos Hernandez, Saugus”

Carlos Hernandez write in Rep In Congress @HernandezforusCongress @CAHforcongress #hernandezforcongressus