Outrage! Congressman Seth Moulton Refused to join moment of silence on U.S. House of Representatives floor to honor the victims of Las Vegas Attack.
Seth Moulton uses Las Vegas tragedy as a political play for gun control and not even 24hrs had past.

Hernandez For Congress at the White House







Moulton’s goal is to spur Congress to act on gun control.
Moulton tried the same scheme last year when he refused to acknowledge the moment of silence for the Pulse nightclub victims.
Shamefully, Moulton asked House Speaker Ryan how many Americans “have to die” before he initiates debate on the subject.
Carlos Hernandez For Congress weighs on Seth Moulton politicizing Las Vegas attack by an Evil Madman.
Seth Moulton is a partisan political hack that will use any tragedy, if he believes it will help him advance politically. Hernandez: My condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible Las Vegas shooting. As someone whose family suffered a great loss during Boston Marathon Bombing. God bless you! God bless our Military, Veterans & The United States of America! @HernandezforusCongress @CAHforcongress #hernandezforcongressus