Carlos Armando Hernandez For Congress weighs on NFL Players (ungrateful S.O.B.) politicizing the National Anthem & our Flag

Rpt: 17 NFL Arenas Earn $1 Billion In Fed Subsides – Stuart Varney -Fox & Friends

As much as I love the New England Patriots it angers me that they are politicizing the National Anthem & our Flag.
Many Americans have fought & die for your freedom & right to free speech.
The team owner & NFL are a bunch of cowards they pay millions to this ungrateful S.O.B. that are disrespecting our Nation & Military (Baltimore & Jacksonville kneel for American National Anthem & Stood for U.K.)
The NFL & Team Owners have the same right to fire &/or suspend players.
As a player you have the right to quit your multi-million dollar job & then protest all you want!!
God bless our Military, Veterans, The National Anthem & The United States of America! @HernandezforusCongress @CAHforcongress #hernandezforcongressus