Trump Signs Tax Reform Law, No Democrats including Seth Moulton #MA6 support Americans Getting a tax break.

Trump Signs Tax Law

This week the Trump administration signed into law the tax reform bill which is given working-class American more money in their paycheck.

Many companies anticipating Trump signing the tax reform law have given many people $1000 Christmas bonus.

Working-class Americans will start seeing more spendable money into checks starting in February money in our pockets is a lot better than bureaucrats blowing on money somewhere else.

If everything goes well with this new tax law companies should start creating more good jobs with good pay and make it easy for entrepreneurs to start and succeed as starting new businesses.

The tax law repealed the Obama care mandate and lifts the forty-year band of energy development in Alaska national wildlife refuge.

Americans can spend their own money better than the political class.

Seth Moulton voted against tax cuts and more jobs and continues to vote against working-class Americans.

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